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Работа в Балашихе / Резюме / Консалтинг, стратегическое развитие / Специалист по логистике
57 лет (родился 26 декабря 1961), cостоит в браке
Балашиха, готов к переездуВолгоград, Рязань
Гражданство: Россия
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Project management

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Опыт работы 37 лет и 7 месяцев

    • февраль 2015 – февраль 2017
    • 2 года и 1 месяц

    Project manager

    PJSC "Cryogenmash", Балашиха


    I have been project manager of PJSC "Cryogenmash": - Participation in the tender for the EP contract of Amursky GPP construction by Air Liquide company's license in the commonwealth with the Daelim company; - For the construction of natural gas liquefaction plant in the port Vysotsk and construction of Gas Pre-Treatment unit (design by Siirtec Nigi company); - For the design and construction of natural gas liquefaction plant in the industrial park Chistopol. Main responsibilities: - Conducting negotiations with foreign partners; - The organization of negotiations of foreign partners (Air Liquide, Siirtec Nigi, Daelim) with the Client; - Choosing Manufactures of steel structures, tanks and others equipment and materials; - Time control of the preparation of Quotation; - Preparation of analytical and presentation materials for the authorities of the company. - The development of the project schedule; - Controlling the timing of manufacturing and supply to the construction site of the steel structures, tanks and others equipment and materials; - Preparation of the tender documentation; - Organization of negotiations internal departments with the Contractors. - Participation in the drafting of the budget; - Participation in the preparation of technical requirements, to conduct tender procedures for the selection of the design organization; - The conclusion of the contracts with the contractors; - Control of construction schedule and commissioning.
    • февраль 2012 – февраль 2015
    • 3 года и 1 месяц

    Chief specialist of Parts and assembly unit

    JSC “Yamal LNG”, Москва


    I had been engaged in checking the completeness of the objects under construction, preparation of material requisitions for the purchasing of necessary materials and equipment in accordance with the design and estimate documentation, coordination of volumes and prices of materials and equipment purchased by a contractor. I coordinated with the design and contracting companies (including EPC). I managed to control the supply process of steeel structures, tanks, others materials and equipment to the construction site. Expediting in regards a timely engineering completion, timely procurement of sub-supplies. Timely execution of the planned production of the materials and equipment including steel structures and timely delivery within the contract and quality requirements. In order to get these goals i visited by myself with inspection one of the manufacture of steel structure in Ekaterinburg and monitored others manufactures by the reports from expeditors companies and places of storages.
    • декабрь 2008 – январь 2012
    • 3 года и 2 месяца

    Chief specialist of Tender Department

    LLC “Gazprom komplektatsiya”, Москва


    Checking technical part of tender documentation of the mains Gas projects, planning procurements, taking part in negotiations, conclusion of contracts, keeping business correspondence, making package of documents for the tender of manufacturing equipment producer-supplier random.
    • июнь 2007 – ноябрь 2008
    • 1 год и 6 месяцев

    Main engineer

    JSC “Etalon”, Москва


    Making design of means of communications.
    • август 1979 – май 2007
    • 27 лет и 10 месяцев


    Ministry of defence, Москва


    After graduation from Cherepovets Military institute observed command duty: Platoon leader; company commander; deputy of battalion commander. After graduation from the Military signal academy, St.Petersburg: Research officer, laboratory chief, deputy chief of department communication equipment support of Ministry of Defense research institution. After graduation from Russian UN military observers courses passed 2 UN missions. They are MINURSO (Western Sahara) and UNMIS (Sudan). Conducting negotiations and mediations. Commanding by teams and groups of military observers from all over the world. In UNMIS I’ve been selected as an instructor for the military observers pre-deployment training. In May 2007 I was transferred to the reserve, in a rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.


    • Высшее образование
    • Дневная/Очная
    • 1995

    Military signal academy, St.Petersburg

    Факультет: Automated systems
    Специальность: Automated systems of communications management. Specialist in the management sphere
    • Высшее образование
    • Дневная/Очная
    • 1984

    Cherepovets military institute of radio electronics

    Специальность: Means of radio communication performance engineer, translator

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Знания и навыки

Профессиональные навыки:

Software (experience user): Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, MS Project, Power Point, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, etc. More than 20 years experience in operational management. I have got an experience in procurement sphere. I have got an experience in project management. I have got an experience in scope of supply. I have got an experience in expediting of equipment and materials. I have got an experience to conduct negotiations and mediation. I have got a very good experience in planning different types of activities. I have got an experience to work in international team. I have got very good analytical mind. I have got an experience to serve under all weather and terrain conditions.

Дополнительные сведения:

Personal Skills: Responsible and hard-working person, good decision making, administrative, communicational and interpersonal skills. Hobbies: Autos, sport, books (history novels).

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  • Немецкий язык, Базовый

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